A: If you are not attending a Domestic Violence Prevention Programme (DVPP):

  1. If you find your abuse or violence is increasing towards a partner during any part of the INPAVITE programme you will visit the INPAVITE website for information and support.
  2. You agree to your course being suspended for a duration of time, if you seek support and find you are required to attend a DVPP (see section B below).
  3. The course is for you to change your behaviour not for your partner to change their behaviour - you agree not to use any part of this programme against your partner. In the case of feeling you are being abused you will seek immediate help and in the case of an emergency, you will immediately dial your country's emergency number.

B: If you have been told to attend a Domestic Violence Prevention Programme (DVPP):

  1. You agree to inform INPAVITE of the name of the DVPP you are attending.
  2. How many weeks you are required to attend or how long you have been attending; and
  3. If your partner is being supported by linked services at the DVPP or another agency (do not send your partner's details to INPAVITE).

C: If you are currently attending a Domestic Violence Prevention Programme (DVPP)

  1. You understand that INPAVITE does not replace attendance on a DVPP.
    1. You agree NOT to enrol on this online course if you are attending a DVPP.
    2. You agree NOT to complete this course alongside attendance at a DVPP.
  2. INPAVITE course material is not to be used against your partner, to suggest your partner is abusive towards you
  3. You can visit the INPAVITE website and become a member of the Forum,
  4. If you have attended a programme in the past, or are booked on a future programme, you will email INPAVITE to advise of this BEFORE enrolling on any INPAVITE course.